Aug 302013

August is nearly over and the children will be going back to school soon.  Thankfully we have had the best summer for several years and I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves.  St. Ives will soon be settling down and although the streets will not be heaving it is still a busy time as we have the September Festival to look forward to.

I am not now having a stall on a Monday at the Salvation Army Hall.  I tried for several months but continually ran at a loss and it was very soul destroying and was costing me money.  We had very good footfall there and I met some lovely people.  I had comments about how wonderful my glass was but still it did not sell!  I think the problem with holiday makers is that it costs so much to get here and rent accommodation, then pay out at our many amazing restaurants that there is not much money left to spend on unnecessary items.   I intend to set up a facebook page to sell some of my work from.


I have been preparing my house to put on the market next week as we are downsizing, so have not been that creative lately.

I also realised that I have not posted here much and certainly have not got around to posting pictures that I have taken of students work this year and some of my own.

I will rectify this soon.  I have a new laptop and will transfer my photos next week.

So in the meantime folks




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