Jan 212013

I bought the kiln second hand in September last year but had nowhere to put it then, so I paid for it and they kept it until my new workshop was ready.  Then my husband Bill and son Mike went to collect it finally in December 2011.  It was really heavy and they had to take the back gate off to get it through because it was too heavy to lift over.  It is installed in my old workshop which is outside the house.   My new workshop has been completely kitted out for me by my son Mike who is a Carpenter and he has done a brilliant job.

I decided that although the kiln had a perfectly good programmer on it, I need the super duper singing and dancing version, so have bought a new one.  I got it from Kilncare and got great advice from them and they also spoke at length to Bill on the phone to tell him how to install it for me.  My Kiln is a Kilncare one too and Lee and all the people there are exceptionally helpful and their products are superb.

I must find time to put the old one up for sale, to help with the cost of all the new stuff I am buying!

The kiln was finally ready but I had no time to play because it was Christmas and then we went away to Tenerife for two months and did not return until March!

Jan 212013

After my initial discovery of Fused Glass I spent many a happy hour exploring the Internet, Galleries and Exhibitions to seek out more – I could not get enough of it!  But looking was not enough, I needed to have a go myself.

This proved more difficult than I expected as there were no classes in my immediate area, but I found a teacher in Helston, called Frank, so took myself along on a Monday evening and the fun began!

These classes were Adult Education, held in a Community Hall rather than a fully equipped studio and we had to supply all the glass, tools and materials ourselves.  This involved quite a lot of initial cost, so it was a good job that I liked doing it and wanted to continue!