Jan 212013

Another Christmas is over, I hope you all had a good time and a Happy New Year. Why not be creative in 2013? Have a look at my workshop page, try a taster session for only £10 and see if you like it. I will supply all materials and tools so there is no need to spend a lot of money to discover if you like a new hobby.

If you fancy a night out with your friends, why not bring them along to an evening Beginners session and have some fun. I can accommodate four of you, dates to suit.

Once you have completed the Beginners Session you will be eligible to come to Open Studios and continue creating all the wonderful glass pieces you want!



Jan 212013

I managed to make some jewellery and a few plates and dishes when I was doing the evening class at Helston but it was a pain having to carry all my supplies with me every time and as it was only a two hour class it seemed by the time I set up it was time to come home.  It was a beginners class and I was hungry to learn more.  Here are some of the things I made during that time.

green swirly glass round plateThis looks really good but I will let you into a secret – the pattern is already in the glass and all I had to do was cut it and put a layer of clear below and voila!  The patterned glass is called Decofloat and is compatible with float glass


 square dish made with cathedral and float glassThis one is made from clear float glass with cathedral glass, which is mainly used in stained glass work, the colours are not as good as Bullseye, but it is much cheaper.


square plate black-red-white-square made from Bullseye glass

Above is made from Bullseye Glass, wonderful to work with, always comes out with nicely rounded edges and comes in an amazing range of colours,  four times more expensive than float glass!


pink, black & white - broken Bullseye dishThere were a few things that didn’t come back from the firing as I wanted.  A very expensive Bullseye dish that got dropped and I tried to re-fire but it did not work



These were supposed to be cufflinks like the Cornish Flag!


square float and desag glass plate with blue bandsIf you look closely  on the plate to the right you can see the blue band of glass at the top should be on the edge more.




selection of glass pendants gone wrongYou may not see anything wrong with these pendants but some I have cut the top glass too big and some have shifted in transporting to the kiln.  It is crucial to place items carefully in the kiln and make sure they are all lined up.  Or glue them before.  This was another problem in a two hour class, as there was not always the time for the glue to dry and as the kiln was in Frank`s garage, he had the problem of items moving in transit.


circular plate in spectrum glass with big hole in middle

This would have been a fantastic plate in Spectrum 96 glass – Frank was not sure what went wrong, but knowing more about it now I think that if it was fired on the correct programme for this type of glass, maybe the kiln wash on the shelf was still damp and created a big bubble that burst.  The bubble is too large for it to be trapped air.

Jan 212013

I was telling you how I started at evening class with Frank.  Trouble is that I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I went to buy my supplies at Newquay Glass and I got lots of fused glass which was not designed to be fired together.  When I came to make the piece some of the glass was Bullseye and some Decofloat and some Spectrum 96.

This is double dutch to those of you who have never fused glass but basically it is a bit like cooking one type of cake that needs to be cooked at gas mark 2 and another that needs to be cooked on gas mark 6 – you would not cook them in the same oven at the same time.

I also had lots of problems actually cutting the glass and if I could  not do that I was in real trouble.  A Fused Glass Artist who cannot cut glass is not an option!

I asked Frank how I should be cutting glass and he said “very carefully!”.  It turned out that I was sitting down when I should be standing up, so therefore the angle of my glass cutter was wrong.  I was also pushing way too hard, you only need to score it not cut right through it!

I do find it quite a challenge as I have arthritis in my hands so I use a pistol grip glass cutter to score my glass which I find much easier to handle.

But I am glad that I had problems because it will make me a better teacher.  I have also tried lots of different ways of cutting glass to discover what worked for me and hopefully I can help my students to discover the right way for them.  I will post a video soon to give you some ideas.

Jan 212013

I do love talking :-),  I do love creating, and I love sharing – so yes it makes sense to create a news page to talk to you all about fused glass and share all my pictures.

Glass Fusing has been part of a journey for me and therefore I would like to start at the beginning.  During my first year at college (at the age of 52!) a little seed had been sown when I happened to be walking past the ceramics department during a workshop on fused glass and I suppose this is where my Glass Adventure started……..

Jan 212013

After my initial discovery of Fused Glass I spent many a happy hour exploring the Internet, Galleries and Exhibitions to seek out more – I could not get enough of it!  But looking was not enough, I needed to have a go myself.

This proved more difficult than I expected as there were no classes in my immediate area, but I found a teacher in Helston, called Frank, so took myself along on a Monday evening and the fun began!

These classes were Adult Education, held in a Community Hall rather than a fully equipped studio and we had to supply all the glass, tools and materials ourselves.  This involved quite a lot of initial cost, so it was a good job that I liked doing it and wanted to continue!