Jul 122013

Wimbledon is now over and what a brilliant win for Murray.  Now we are gearing up for the school holidays and hopefully this gorgeous hot weather will continue.

Living by the sea is so wonderful and when I sit in my garden overlooking the beach I hear the sound of the children playing and laughing and it has such a `feel good` factor.  Our senses provide such memories and take us back to happy times.  The smell of suntan lotion, the sound of sea, surf and children playing and splashing in the sea, the feel of the sand between our toes and the taste of ice cream and fish a chips, all amazing sensations and ones to be savoured and enjoyed.

Here in St Ives the streets and beaches will soon be heaving.  I do hope the sun keeps shining as it makes everyone feel so much better.

You can find me every Monday between 10am and 4pm at the Craft Fayre in the Salvation Army Hall right on the harbour in St. Ives.  Come and say `Hello` as it is so nice to have a chat, especially when everyone smiles when the sun shines.  We get more people in when it is raining though but they are a bit more grumpy – and I don`t blame them.

I have taken the dates off for my workshops as not everyone could come on the days I advertised.  Now just phone or email me when you want to have a class and if I can I will, that way I can arrange a date and time to suit everyone hopefully.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun :-)

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