Jan 212013

I very quickly outgrew Frank`s class as it was just for beginners and I wanted to go onto more advanced techniques.
Unfortunately, at the time this was the only class in the area, so I had to save my pennies to go on a very expensive residential course.

It was a fabulous week and I made some amazing work.  It was packed with every technique that you can think of but information overload in many ways.  There was not time to completely finish off our pieces, which is called `cold working`.  They had all the machines you can think of to speed up the process and I got to have a go at the saw, sand blaster and linisher, (I think that is what it was called), for smoothing and polishing the edges.  We were also shown how to smooth using hand methods which involved using different grades of carborundum powder but did not have the time to complete some pieces.

It was amazing value for money and brilliant teachers but too much was covered really and I did not have time to do some of the techniques because I chose to coldwork some of my pieces whilst I had use of the machines.  Glass casting was brilliant and I made my own mould as well, this is one of my favourite pieces and reminds me of a rock pool.

Rck pool glass

rock pool

side view of wavy chunky glass

side view of wavy chunky glass

My second favorite piece I also made on this course.  It consists of five layers of glass cut square with inclusions between layers and green glass cut wavy inserted between too.  I used bubble powders which worked a treat and then extensively cold worked the edges by hand to get a lovely finish.  Unfortunately the corners have been knocked – I should have made a stand!

Unfortunately the place where I went on this course Liquid Glass Centre, near Bath went out of business a couple of years back but I am told that it will be opening again soon under new name and management. Watch this space!

Jan 212013

After my initial discovery of Fused Glass I spent many a happy hour exploring the Internet, Galleries and Exhibitions to seek out more – I could not get enough of it!  But looking was not enough, I needed to have a go myself.

This proved more difficult than I expected as there were no classes in my immediate area, but I found a teacher in Helston, called Frank, so took myself along on a Monday evening and the fun began!

These classes were Adult Education, held in a Community Hall rather than a fully equipped studio and we had to supply all the glass, tools and materials ourselves.  This involved quite a lot of initial cost, so it was a good job that I liked doing it and wanted to continue!