Jul 122013

Wimbledon is now over and what a brilliant win for Murray.  Now we are gearing up for the school holidays and hopefully this gorgeous hot weather will continue. Living by the sea is so wonderful and when I sit in my garden overlooking the beach I hear the sound of the children playing and laughing […]

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Mar 312013

One of the most frequent comments that students have made when I have been either teaching Card Making, Painting and now Fused Glass is “I am not artistic”. We are all `artistic` or `creative` as I prefer to call it, to some extent.   If you have ever cooked a meal, baked a cake, arranged […]

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Mar 312013

Are you good at multi tasking?  I seem to be able to blog and update what I need to on the computer or teach and create glass, but not both!   Hence my absence from the blog since February.  I now also have flyers at last, courtesy of my friend Sophie – thanks Sophie x […]

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Feb 202013
Promise of Spring

Does the weather affect your mood?  It certainly does affect mine and today is a lovely sunny day with a promise of Spring to come.  However, several of us in the house are laid low with chest infections, trying not to cough because it hurts our chest and gives us a headache! I should be […]

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Feb 092013
Little works of art

One of my indulgences is having my nails done on a regular basis.  So today I took myself off in the rain to see Claire at Beautopia in Hayle.  It is such a busy and friendly salon and it never fails to cheer me up, having a good chat and laugh with the girls and […]

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Jan 282013

We did not get much snow in Cornwall but have certainly had our share of rain!  So this would be a great time to come along to one of my Taster Sessions – great value at only £10.  All details are on my Workshop pages. I am so pleased to get the website up and […]

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