Mar 082016

I wonder how many people start writing a blog with great enthusiasm, only to let it lapse. I am guilty as are so many people. I notice that I have not updated here since December 2014!
However, in my defense I have been making fused glass and selling at The Attic Cellar Emporium in Chapel Street, St Ives. Also I now have a facebook page for St Ives Glass Art which you can access from this website, and the posts on there are more up to date.
I know that most creative people neglect the marketing side as we would all rather be making than doing the paperwork. I will try and update more often but definitely on the facebook page where you will see that I have exciting news coming soon.

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Dec 312014

New taster sessions making a coaster coming February. One and half hour sessions, times to suit for only £15 all materials and equipment included. Please let me know if you are interested.

Value for money definitely. The classes will be ongoing and after completion of a taster session they will be 3 hours long for £45 but glass will be extra although all frits, inclusions and powders will be included.

So why not start a new hobby for 2015.  By coming to my classes you will not have a big outlay for equipment and materials and if you decide you do not like it there is nothing lost.  So a win win situation all round.

Tea, coffee and biscuits supplied at the longer session, we have no time for the taster session.  I can take up to six people, so bring your friends and have some fun and you will take away what you make (after I have fired it).

In the meantime, Happy New Year everyone.


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Dec 242014

I have been absent from this website and my facebook page for over a year.  This was due to various reasons including my health and family bereavement.

We have also finally moved house after nearly a year of trying and it was a very stressful experience.

The good news is that my son Mike has converted my garage into a workshop.  This is larger than the room I had in the old house and I can now take six students.  However, I will not be starting until February as I will be away in January on holiday and need to unpack and organise a few more things.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.  Watch this space and I will keep you posted of the exact dates I will be starting classes again.


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Oct 152013

I had a lovely weekend visiting family and attending a re-union up country but it was a long and tedious journey. Back home it is a busy week with meetings, swimming and keep fit. I am teaching a card making class and have two fused glass classes.
The dreaded Christmas word is cropping up everywhere but I am afraid that it is time to think about it especially if you are planning to make your own presents and decorations this year.
Why not get your friends together and come along to a taster session and make your own glass coaster? It will only cost £10 each and if you bring three friends you can take advantage of my special offer and only pay £5 yourself.
You will have lots of fun and discover a new and exciting hobby without paying a fortune for all the equipment and materials as everything is included in the price.
Soon I will be running workshops to make your own Christmas ornaments and you can colour co-ordinate your Christmas tree with fused glass decorations.
Just contact me and I can arrange a date and time to suit everyone. Look forward to hearing from you.
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Sep 282013

I have just spent a very productive two days at Digital Peninsula Network learning how to manage my Facebook business page. Siobhan is a great teacher and apart from a maths test the rest of the time was really enjoyable. Also met some great people among the other students and we all had very different businesses.
I have had a Facebook business page for a while but have now changed the time from Terri Bunn Glass Artist to St Ives Glass Art in line with the website.
As I mentioned before I tried a stall in the craft fayre this summer but did not sell much. I have created products which I think would make lovely gifts and the price range is from 99p up to £25, so something to suit every pocket.
I now intend to sell these products from my business Facebook page and will be listing them in the next few weeks. I was going to include the price of postage in the total price of the product but as I will have interest from local people too, who will be able to collect their products from me I decided that postage will be extra.
Payment will be via Paypal, so I have added a payment button for this to the website.
Please let me know what you all think of this idea, and I would welcome feedback on the products.
The Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Ives-Glass-Art/128092427220243?ref=hl
so please go and have a look and let me know what you think.

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Aug 302013

August is nearly over and the children will be going back to school soon.  Thankfully we have had the best summer for several years and I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves.  St. Ives will soon be settling down and although the streets will not be heaving it is still a busy time as we have the September Festival to look forward to.

I am not now having a stall on a Monday at the Salvation Army Hall.  I tried for several months but continually ran at a loss and it was very soul destroying and was costing me money.  We had very good footfall there and I met some lovely people.  I had comments about how wonderful my glass was but still it did not sell!  I think the problem with holiday makers is that it costs so much to get here and rent accommodation, then pay out at our many amazing restaurants that there is not much money left to spend on unnecessary items.   I intend to set up a facebook page to sell some of my work from.


I have been preparing my house to put on the market next week as we are downsizing, so have not been that creative lately.

I also realised that I have not posted here much and certainly have not got around to posting pictures that I have taken of students work this year and some of my own.

I will rectify this soon.  I have a new laptop and will transfer my photos next week.

So in the meantime folks




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