Sep 282013

I have just spent a very productive two days at Digital Peninsula Network learning how to manage my Facebook business page. Siobhan is a great teacher and apart from a maths test the rest of the time was really enjoyable. Also met some great people among the other students and we all had very different businesses.
I have had a Facebook business page for a while but have now changed the time from Terri Bunn Glass Artist to St Ives Glass Art in line with the website.
As I mentioned before I tried a stall in the craft fayre this summer but did not sell much. I have created products which I think would make lovely gifts and the price range is from 99p up to £25, so something to suit every pocket.
I now intend to sell these products from my business Facebook page and will be listing them in the next few weeks. I was going to include the price of postage in the total price of the product but as I will have interest from local people too, who will be able to collect their products from me I decided that postage will be extra.
Payment will be via Paypal, so I have added a payment button for this to the website.
Please let me know what you all think of this idea, and I would welcome feedback on the products.
The Facebook page can be found at
so please go and have a look and let me know what you think.

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