Mar 312013

One of the most frequent comments that students have made when I have been either teaching Card Making, Painting and now Fused Glass is “I am not artistic”.

We are all `artistic` or `creative` as I prefer to call it, to some extent.   If you have ever cooked a meal, baked a cake, arranged a vase of flowers, fixed your hair,  are a keen gardener, then you have created something.

The problem is that most people make this statement because they expect to come into a class and immediately create a complicated finished piece that is perfect.

You would not expect to get in a car when you have never driven before and drive off, without instruction and most importantly, without practice.

The next comment I get is ” You make it look so easy”.  I have had lots of instruction and lots of practice and when you have too, you will also make it look easy!

That is why I have re-titled my follow- on classes as Progression.  The Taster Sessions are to give you a flavour, which you will hopefully enjoy and come back for more.

That is not to say that you will not be able to produce a wonderful coaster that will be very usable after the Taster Session, because you will receive instruction how to and will have a chance to practice a little bit.

Many of you wish to make more ambitious projects straight away but you have to learn to walk before you can run!  However, these will be achievable on the Progression classes

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Mar 312013

Are you good at multi tasking?  I seem to be able to blog and update what I need to on the computer or teach and create glass, but not both!   Hence my absence from the blog since February.  I now also have flyers at last, courtesy of my friend Sophie – thanks Sophie x

Still awaiting news if I have a craft stall in St. Ives for the summer – watch this space.  Hopefully I will as I have been working on my stock items and very pleased with them too.  One or two disaster, but hey, ho we all learn by our mistakes.

Had some wonderful students in for the Taster Sessions and will be posting pics soon on a new Student Gallery.  They have all enjoyed their sessions and produced some wonderful work.  I have had lots of positive feedback and some constructive points too which I am working on to refine the sessions.

I have also put up some new dates on my Workshop page and modified the descriptions of  classes, so go take a look.

I still have several people who are saying that they would love to come to a session and will get around to it soon.  I am not sure if they are being polite or just procrastinating.  So if you have promised yourself some `me` time, have a look and book a date – you deserve it.  Only £10 with all tools and materials supplied and you will end up with a lovely piece of glass.

Great for a girls night out (no wine for health and safety reasons until after!)  If you have a date and time in mind I will try and fit it in.

Also wondered if there was any interest in a children`s fridge magnet workshop?  Any thoughts on that?  You don`t have to have four people to book a session, even if there is just you, book and if I have other people I will probably have a full class.  If you have four pick a date to suit you even if it is not on my list, if I can fit it in I will.

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