Jan 282013

We did not get much snow in Cornwall but have certainly had our share of rain!  So this would be a great time to come along to one of my Taster Sessions – great value at only £10.  All details are on my Workshop pages.

I am so pleased to get the website up and running on my new domain name and have had some lovely feedback and constructive comments, please keep them coming.

I am currently working on producing advertising flyers for my workshops and business cards.  This is a huge learning curve for me and I prefer to be making glass but the business side has to be attended to unfortunately!



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Jan 212013

I very quickly outgrew Frank`s class as it was just for beginners and I wanted to go onto more advanced techniques.
Unfortunately, at the time this was the only class in the area, so I had to save my pennies to go on a very expensive residential course.

It was a fabulous week and I made some amazing work.  It was packed with every technique that you can think of but information overload in many ways.  There was not time to completely finish off our pieces, which is called `cold working`.  They had all the machines you can think of to speed up the process and I got to have a go at the saw, sand blaster and linisher, (I think that is what it was called), for smoothing and polishing the edges.  We were also shown how to smooth using hand methods which involved using different grades of carborundum powder but did not have the time to complete some pieces.

It was amazing value for money and brilliant teachers but too much was covered really and I did not have time to do some of the techniques because I chose to coldwork some of my pieces whilst I had use of the machines.  Glass casting was brilliant and I made my own mould as well, this is one of my favourite pieces and reminds me of a rock pool.

Rck pool glass

rock pool

side view of wavy chunky glass

side view of wavy chunky glass

My second favorite piece I also made on this course.  It consists of five layers of glass cut square with inclusions between layers and green glass cut wavy inserted between too.  I used bubble powders which worked a treat and then extensively cold worked the edges by hand to get a lovely finish.  Unfortunately the corners have been knocked – I should have made a stand!

Unfortunately the place where I went on this course Liquid Glass Centre, near Bath went out of business a couple of years back but I am told that it will be opening again soon under new name and management. Watch this space!

Jan 212013

Another Christmas is over, I hope you all had a good time and a Happy New Year. Why not be creative in 2013? Have a look at my workshop page, try a taster session for only £10 and see if you like it. I will supply all materials and tools so there is no need to spend a lot of money to discover if you like a new hobby.

If you fancy a night out with your friends, why not bring them along to an evening Beginners session and have some fun. I can accommodate four of you, dates to suit.

Once you have completed the Beginners Session you will be eligible to come to Open Studios and continue creating all the wonderful glass pieces you want!



Jan 212013

I bought the kiln second hand in September last year but had nowhere to put it then, so I paid for it and they kept it until my new workshop was ready.  Then my husband Bill and son Mike went to collect it finally in December 2011.  It was really heavy and they had to take the back gate off to get it through because it was too heavy to lift over.  It is installed in my old workshop which is outside the house.   My new workshop has been completely kitted out for me by my son Mike who is a Carpenter and he has done a brilliant job.

I decided that although the kiln had a perfectly good programmer on it, I need the super duper singing and dancing version, so have bought a new one.  I got it from Kilncare and got great advice from them and they also spoke at length to Bill on the phone to tell him how to install it for me.  My Kiln is a Kilncare one too and Lee and all the people there are exceptionally helpful and their products are superb.

I must find time to put the old one up for sale, to help with the cost of all the new stuff I am buying!

The kiln was finally ready but I had no time to play because it was Christmas and then we went away to Tenerife for two months and did not return until March!

Jan 212013

I managed to make some jewellery and a few plates and dishes when I was doing the evening class at Helston but it was a pain having to carry all my supplies with me every time and as it was only a two hour class it seemed by the time I set up it was time to come home.  It was a beginners class and I was hungry to learn more.  Here are some of the things I made during that time.

green swirly glass round plateThis looks really good but I will let you into a secret – the pattern is already in the glass and all I had to do was cut it and put a layer of clear below and voila!  The patterned glass is called Decofloat and is compatible with float glass


 square dish made with cathedral and float glassThis one is made from clear float glass with cathedral glass, which is mainly used in stained glass work, the colours are not as good as Bullseye, but it is much cheaper.


square plate black-red-white-square made from Bullseye glass

Above is made from Bullseye Glass, wonderful to work with, always comes out with nicely rounded edges and comes in an amazing range of colours,  four times more expensive than float glass!


pink, black & white - broken Bullseye dishThere were a few things that didn’t come back from the firing as I wanted.  A very expensive Bullseye dish that got dropped and I tried to re-fire but it did not work



These were supposed to be cufflinks like the Cornish Flag!


square float and desag glass plate with blue bandsIf you look closely  on the plate to the right you can see the blue band of glass at the top should be on the edge more.




selection of glass pendants gone wrongYou may not see anything wrong with these pendants but some I have cut the top glass too big and some have shifted in transporting to the kiln.  It is crucial to place items carefully in the kiln and make sure they are all lined up.  Or glue them before.  This was another problem in a two hour class, as there was not always the time for the glue to dry and as the kiln was in Frank`s garage, he had the problem of items moving in transit.


circular plate in spectrum glass with big hole in middle

This would have been a fantastic plate in Spectrum 96 glass – Frank was not sure what went wrong, but knowing more about it now I think that if it was fired on the correct programme for this type of glass, maybe the kiln wash on the shelf was still damp and created a big bubble that burst.  The bubble is too large for it to be trapped air.