What is Glass Fusing?

There are lots of processes with glass and most people have heard of Glass Blowing and Stained Glass. This website is about Contemporary Fused Glass.


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Glass fusing has become very popular over recent years. There are several different terms used which mean the same thing: Warm Glass, Kiln Fused Glass, Kiln Work, Glass Fusion, Kiln Forming.

The process involves assembling pieces of compatible glass, placing in a kiln and firing to a high temperature until the glass is hot enough to melt together.

This produces a flat piece that can be incorporated into a glass window, sun catcher, pendants, key chains, decorative picture, coaster, place mat, trivet, fridge magnet etc.

If desired the item can then be fired a second time to form a shape, i.e. dish, plate or bowl and many other items.  This involves a lower temperature whereby the flat piece is placed upon a mould which it slumps into.

The glass is always annealed, which means it cools very slowly back to room temperature, it is always a surprise to open the kiln as unpredictable things can sometimes happen – you are always guaranteed to make a unique item!

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